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Yes. Industry Pro courses attract 1 point per hour in Category 2 for the ACT and 1 point per hour in Category 1 for NSW.

Yes. All attendees will receive a Certificate of Attendance which can be kept for their training records. We also advise you to save this to avoid future issues of loss.

Most courses are normally 4 hours in duration, which still allows you to have half a day in the workplace.

After you have registered you will be advised about any course requirements. It is always suggested to bring a pen, notebook and highlighter. You can also bring a laptop, iPad or tablet if desired. Industry Pro also provides useful take-home resources to assist you with further developing your skills.

Any training is valuable to improve your workplace skills. Industry Pro focuses on developing the whole person, so many of the courses will assist you in your personal life as well. We have received many testimonials attesting to the value of the training provided.

Industry Pro is constantly developing new courses. We would always love to hear about any training or courses you wish to undertake. Please contact us at and we will investigate the opportunities further for you.

Yes. Contacting our students after they have attended training is a significant point of difference with Industry Pro. A few weeks after you have undertaken the training, you will be contacted to ensure you have benefitted from the session. This is a great way of making sure the time invested in your learning and professional development is well spent.